Wine Tasting in Paris : Taste french wine like a Parisian

Parisians have preserved their wines reputation over years which has made this great city love for wine admired by people from all around the world. Paris welcomes all the people for both expert and beginners to enjoy their wines and champagne. When it comes to tasting wine most companies prepares a special guide to tour you around on wines theme. Wine tasting can be done in so many places like a trip to the wine region, visiting wine storehouse and navigating through the cities best places. While other big companies plan events for testing wine targeting to introduce customers to their wine and help them learn how to know flavours and to differentiate wines.

Tour Day for Paris Wine

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Before going to a bar or to a wine storehouse for wine testing is good you start with the vineyards tour. While there you can get the chance to enjoy the best view also get to test white, rosé and red wine from grapes. There are also wine tasting in some big mansions where they have an open invitation to the public, they teach visitors how to approach wine testing in the best way. You will get to understand wine and they have a discussion when the tour end this helps you learn a lot.

Tips of Tasting Wine in Paris

Here is how you go about testing wine in Paris (more information here), first you start with pouring wine in the glass then swirl it around till it clings this helps in increasing alcohol content. You then sniff for a short period of time to feel the wine intensity. Then take a sip and suck little air, this helps in making the flavour of wine be powered up. After the sip close your eyes and focus on the taste, then try to differentiate the taste in the back of your tongue and the one on the tip.