Cooking holiday Provence

wine tasting in Paris

People visit Provence to see the museums, historic sites and parks among other thrilling activities. Provence is endowed with a rich French culture which is best explained by our different types of foods. We have a wide range of services offering culinary courses.

Why take a cooking class

Finding like-minded people over the holidays is a big challenge for most people. Taking a cooking class in Provence ensures that you spend time with like-minded people. You will get to understand the different French dishes and their origin. Taking a cooking class is always convenient because it only takes part of the day.

Why choose Le foodist

A culinary course should be fun and engaging. At Le Foodist we train you on how to handle cutlery best. We help you master on the preparation of ingredients and how to be confident in the kitchen. We are diverse in our recipes whereby for every session we teach you how to make delicious vegan and fish dishes among others. We train on how to work with different kinds of dough and how to make them better by adding specific additives.

In our culinary course, we have wine tasting sessions where we show you how to identify different wines using your five senses. We also have wine and cheese pairing session where we explore different types of cheese and the matching wines for pairing. Each meal is served with a bottle of wine for all participants.

Our team of chefs is professional with more than fifteen years of experience teaching culinary courses all over France. We take our team for market visits every day whereby we interact and give great stories about the locality. Site seeing is a big part of the market visits. At Le Foodist we empower you to become the best version of you in the kitchen and make amazing memories.